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The Consolidated Borough of Quil Ceda Village
Ordinance No. 13.01.1
Utility and Environmental Services
Article V- Utility and Environmental Services - Operation
Section 5.01
Services Provided:

The services provided by the Utility and Environmental Services Department shall include domestic water, sewer and garbage. Additional services may be provided upon approval by the Village Council.
Section 5.02
Water Service:

The Utility Department is responsible to provide safe, adequate water for a fee to those houses, buildings, businesses and institutions connected to the mainlines of the community water system. Responsibility for maintenance will include water sources, storage tanks, controls, mainlines, valves and hydrants, and service lines to the curb stops or to the individual property line only. The service line from the curb stop to the house and the interior house plumbing are the responsibility of the customer. The individual water meters are owned by the Utility Department and it is the responsibility of the Department to maintain the meters. The Village community water systems shall be managed such that the regulatory requirements of the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act, as established by the Environmental Protection Agency, are satisfied.
Section 5.03
Sewerage Service:

The Village is responsible to provide sanitary disposal of domestic liquid waste for a fee to those houses, businesses and institutions connected to the mainlines of the community sewerage system. Further, the Village is responsible for the maintenance and repair of community sanitary sewage disposal systems and storm sewer systems. Responsibility for maintenance includes treatment facilities, pumping stations, mainlines, manholes, and service lines to the individual property lines. Tribal sewerage collection, treatment and disposal systems shall be managed such that applicable Federal regulations of the Clean Water Act and the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System are satisfied. The Village is not responsible for maintenance individual on-site sewage disposal systems, including individual pumping stations, and for pumping the septic tanks on a periodic basis. The service line from the property line to the house and the septic tank to the house and interior house plumbing are the responsibility of the customer.
Section 5.04
Garbage Service:

Garbage collection and disposal service shall be provided by the Village for a fee for the buildings located in the Village community. The Utility Department will provide this service directly or enter into a contract with a nearby solid waste collection contractor in order to provide this service to the Village.
Section 5.05
Future Services:

At some future date the Utility Department may assume responsibility to provide electrical, gas, telephone, cable TV or other utility services.

Section 5.06
Maintenance Schedule:

The Utility Department shall develop and follow a regular schedule of maintenance service for each water and sewerage system and components thereof.

Section 5.07

The Village Manager shall have the full authority to hire, evaluate and discipline or fire if necessary the personnel required to manage, operate and maintain the Public Utilities. Existing Tribal or Village Staff may be used and employed by the Utility and environmental Services Department to provide necessary maintenance and management services through agreements approved by the Tribal Council, Village Council and the Utility Department. The specific personnel policies of the Village shall be followed. Job descriptions for all employees will be developed and followed.
Section 5.08

The Utility system operator may make or approve purchases from the petty cash fund for amounts up to $2,000. Above this amount, the Village Manager must give approval and disburse funds according to appropriate sections of this Ordinance. An accurate account and receipts of all expenditure will be kept.
Section 5.09

All utilities equipment shall be maintained according to the established maintenance schedule and quickly repaired when necessary so that disruption in service is minimized. Utility tools and equipment are not for personal use. Equipment shall not be loaned to other Village departments. A record of tools and the individual to whom they were assigned shall be maintained. Individuals will be held responsible for the security of tools and supplies that are assigned to them.
Section 5.10

An accurate inventory of tools, equipment, and supplies will be kept up to date. A reserve supply of repair parts and regularly used supplies will be maintained by the Department. A listing shall be kept of local suppliers of repair parts, replacement equipment and expendable supplies.
Section 5.11
Public Relations:

The Utility Department shall keep customers notified about changes in fees, rates, solid waste collection schedule, water quality regulatory compliance, levels of service and any other information which may affect the customer’s use of sanitary facilities. Notices may be included in monthly billing statements or may be disseminated to the public through separate mailings, newsletters, tribal newspaper or posting throughout the community. Any person filing a complaint or seeking information shall be given assistance in a courteous manner. Complaints may be presented verbally or in writing to any Department Staff member for resolution and action. Complaints that cannot be resolved within ten days should be referred to the Utility Department in writing. The Utility Department will resolve such complaints at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Village Council.
Section 5.12
Emergency Notification:

An emergency notification plan will be developed by the Utility Department and reviewed annually for notifying residents and visitors of:
  1. Discontinued service for more than eight (8) hours.
  2. Substandard conditions in water quality. This includes bacteriological, chemical or physical quality deficiencies.
  3. Changes in scheduling of refuse pick-up and septic tank pumping.
  4. Any other conditions which may adversely affect the health of the community residents or visitors.
Section 5.13
Staff Training:

All employees that are newly assigned to operate the utility systems shall receive instruction from an experienced operator. A minimum of 32 hours of instruction should be received before the new employee assumes responsibility for operations. Regular operators should receive up to 40 hours of formal instruction per year. The Utility Department will assure that operators maintain current knowledge of water system operation techniques. A training plan for the water system operators shall be developed which will provide for upgrading of knowledge and skills in water utility operations, maintenance and management. The goal of the training program shall be Washington State certification as Water Distribution Manager or an equivalent water distribution certification program.
Section 5.14
Limits of Responsibility:

The Department shall not be responsible for, nor shall it maintain or repair, any private or domestic water or sewer system, garbage, roads or lighting except by specific agreement establishing fair rates of compensation to the Department, and that is approved and signed by the Village and owner of such facilities. The Department shall not be liable for any loss or damage beyond its control resulting from any defect in, or damage to, a customer's water or sewer lines or fixtures, garbage storage facilities, driveways or parking lots, hydrants or lighting.
Section 5.15
Right of Entry - Inspections:

The Department, or its authorized representative, is hereby authorized to make limited, reasonable inspections, at reasonable times, of any grounds, building or residence served by the Village to the extent necessary to insure that customer utility fixtures, lines and equipment are not being operated in a manner that would likely disrupt or interfere with utility services. Except incases of emergency where life, limb, or property are threatened, or in cases of immediate water shortages, the Department shall give the customer at least 24 hours notice prior to requesting permission to enter and inspect. If permission to enter and inspect is denied or impeded in any way, the Department shall obtain a court order authorizing such entry and inspection. Where the permission to enter and inspect is unreasonably withheld, the Department may assess court costs and related expenses and add them to the affected customer's bill.
Section 5.16
Disruption of Service:

The Department may shut off water or sewerage service, or disrupt traffic on the public right-of-way to perform repairs, provided that advance notice has been given to affected customers. Provided, however, that in cases of emergencies where loss of life, limb or property is threatened, or incases of immediate water shortage, service may be disrupted without advance notice. The Department shall not be responsible for consequent damage as a result of lack of water or sewerage service during authorized and unauthorized disruptions in services. The Department shall not be liable for any associated damages or delay caused by the breaking or leaking of any pipe, valve, fixture or other contrivance as a result of the lack of water or sewerage to or from any mains, services, hydrants, lines or reservoirs during authorized disruptions of service.
Section 5.17

No connection, re-connection with, disconnections from, or other private use of any Department water or sewer system, road, appurtenance of other utility service or facility shall be made without a written permit by the Village. No construction of any private water or sewer system, or other private utility is authorized without written permission from the Utility Department. The Utility Department may require such plans from the permit applicant as it determines are necessary to decide whether or not a permit should be issued.
Section 5.18
Water Shortage - Service Preference:

In cases of a water shortage proclaimed by the Utility Department, the Department shall regulate the amount of water any customer may be allocated. The Department also may give preference to the customers and/or amounts of water to be allocated, provided the Village allocates water according to public necessity of convenience, and provides for fair allocations between customers. Any customer violating a legal allocation may have his water service discontinued. Service shall be resumed only upon payment of the approved reconnection fee and any penalties.
Section 5.19
Unnecessary Waste of Water:

The Utility Department reserves the right to terminate customer's service when the customer has repeatedly, unduly wasted water. Such undue waste is evidenced by the fact that hydrants, taps, hoses and other fixtures are permitted to run continuously when not in productive use. Where such conditions have been observed, the Utility Department having been notified of the condition, may terminate water to the premise if the condition is not corrected within 48 hours after receipt of the notice. Service shall be resumed only after correction of the condition causing a wastage of water and payment by the customer of the approved reconnection fee, penalties and any other accounts in arrears to the Utility Department.
Section 5.20
Conservation of Resources:

The Department shall conduct operation, maintenance and repair services in a manner that will maximize the conservation of natural, financial, and property resources. Customers of the Department shall be encouraged to conserve water resources and to limit water use as necessary to provide a comfortable, healthy and aesthetically pleasing life style. The Department may offer assistance and service to customers for water conservation and other material resources conservation and recovery as determined to be feasible by the Utility Department.
Section 5.21
New Customer Services:

Any dwelling within the service area of the Utilities shall be eligible for services, provided all of the following conditions are met:
  1. Facilities are adequate to meet additional load.
  2. New customer agrees to adhere to this Ordinance.
  3. Approval by the Utility Department.

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