Consolidated Borough of Quil Ceda Village

Wetlands Program

Quil Ceda Village Wetlands Program

Quil Ceda Village Wetlands Program is contained within Quil Ceda Village Administration. The Wetlands Program provides technical and environmental oversight, and review of development proposals for infrastructure, utilities and lease agreements within Quil Ceda Village. Quil Ceda Village Wetlands Program services include management of QCV wetlands and restoration projects, sensitive areas inventory, administration of the QCV In-Lieu Fee Program, and plan review.

Quil Ceda Village In-Lieu Fee Mitigation Program

Three people signing papers to help The Tulalip Tribes establish the first Native American aquatic resource program of its kind in the nation.
On November 26, 2013, The Tulalip Tribes, US EPA, and US Army Corps of Engineers signed the program instrument for the first In-Lieu Fee Program for wetlands and aquatic area mitigation, in the nation. Under the program, lessees within Quil Ceda Village boundaries with proposed development impacts to aquatic areas including streams and wetlands, may apply to purchase mitigation credits to fulfill their Clean Water Act requirements, in-lieu of permittee responsible mitigation. This tool will allow for an ecological, watershed-based approach to wetland mitigation, under the 2008 Federal Mitigation Rule.
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Wetlands Program

8802 – 27th Avenue N.E.
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Wetlands Program Specialist
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