Consolidated Borough of Quil Ceda Village

RFQ for Tulalip Marina Pump Station Improvement

Project No. RFQ-2023-009-PW

Project Manager :

Mike Leslie
Tulalip Utilities Program Administrator

Project Description:
The Tulalip Public Works/Tulalip Utilities Authority (Owner) is seeking qualified applicants for engineering services for design and services during construction for the Marina Pump Station Improvements. Offerors must be local engineering firms with a background and experience in wastewater pumping system design and engineering. All designs, technical specification packages, and reports must be sealed by a professional civil engineer licensed to practice in the State of Washington.

The Marina Pump Station collects wastewater from properties north of Mission Creek and conveys the wastewater to the Totem Beach Road trunkline and wastewater treatment plant (WWTP). The Marina Pump Station serves approximately 60% of the Tulalip Bay service area for the Tulalip Utility Authority (TUA).

Problem Statement - The existing Marina Pump Station uses a vacuum prime wastewater pumping station technology. However, the pumps fail periodically due to ragging and grease deposits resulting in system overflows and numerous maintenance callouts.

The Tulalip Tribes is also constructing new housing units within the Marina Pump Station service area and want to ensure that any improvement to the pump station is adequate to serve property development for the next 20 plus years of service.

Proposed Improvements - The TUA is requesting qualifications from a professional engineering firm for planning, design, and services during construction for the Marina Pump Station improvements. The TUA is requesting that the Offeror be able to evaluate the existing pump station, assess the characteristics and growth potential of the service area, and recommend pump station improvements that will serve the Tulalip Tribes for over 20 years. The TUA anticipates that the existing vacuum prime pump station (Figure 2) will be abandoned and replaced with a submersible pumping station. It is unknown if new submersible pumps should be installed into the existing wet well or constructed in a new wet well and pump station directly adjacent to the existing station.

If awarded the work, the Offeror shall provide engineering services to include design, the front-end and pre-construction deliverables, as well as services during the bidding, award, and construction phase. The Tulalip Tribes may include additional pre-design planning work to determine future wastewater flows that would be generated within the area served by the Marina Pump Station.

The project is located on the Tulalip Indian Reservation.